Telehandler Forklifts - Rotating and Heavy Lift

Telehandler Forklifts - Rotating and Heavy Lift

Telehandler Forklifts from Hire Safe Solutions

Telehandler forklifts offer manoeuvrability for a range of jobs. The term “telehandler” is an abbreviation that is short for “telescoping handler”. This is in reference to the boom that does the lifting which extends from the rear of the vehicle and which telescopes down to a shorter length when it is not fully extended. 

Telehandlers offer a great deal of versatility and can lift things in various directions rather than just vertically. They make easy work of lifting loads both forwards and backwards without having to move the vehicle, meaning jobs can be completed quicker and with less hassle! 

They can be used to lift and move heavy loads and can be fitted with a variety of attachments which makes them an extremely flexible and cost effective working at height vehicle. Each attachment is designed for a specific task, meaning the mobile elevating work platform can be adapted easily to become industry-specific. Common attachments include fork carriages, work platforms, hooks, grabbers, and more. This makes them suitable for lifting a wide range of materials including pallets, concrete blocks, bars, pipes, and packaged items.

Hire Safe Solutions have a range of telehandler MEWPs available to hire, lease, or buy. Our range of both rotating and heavy duty lifts from industry-leader, Magni, provide durable and reliable platforms for carrying out work at height. 


Rotating telehandlers, sometimes referred to as roto handlers, are widely recognised as a must-have on many modern construction and work sites. They combine the versatility of a telehandler with a crane and access platform, all in one unit. This multi-purpose platform offers fantastic manoeuvrability with 360° rotation capabilities, meaning it’s great for tackling compact conditions and tight turning circles. Magni roto machines are suitable for a variety of terrains and provide amazing levels of safety due to their patented load control system that can detect the risk of overload during use and inhibit aggravating movements. They are often used in the construction and production sectors and are ideal for jobs relating to overhead power work, building maintenance, and steel erection. 

For individual machine specifications and to view model information, please click here

Heavy duty

Magni’s heavy duty MEWPs are one of our newest investments at Hire Safe Solutions. Our range has a payload of between 10 and 45 tonnes and they are specifically suited to specialist heavy duty tasks in industries such as mining, ports, and manufacturing. These MEWPs have been specifically designed for the most demanding conditions and to take on burdensome tasks that other machines might not handle effectively. They are the ideal worksite go-to for those who need guaranteed performance and reliability in extreme conditions. 

For information regarding machine specifics including weight, outreach, lift capacity, and height, please click here

If you think a telehandler forklift will be a great addition to your fleet, please get in contact. We offer contract hire, leasing solutions, as well as the option for outright purchasing. To discuss which option will best suit your needs, call 0800 865 4455 or fill out our contact form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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