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Niftylift 90

Working Height: 9.5m / 31ft 3in
Platform Height: 7.5m / 24ft 8in
Maximum Outreach: 3.5m / 11ft 6in
Min Weight: 695.00kg / 1,536lbs

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The Niftylift 90 trailer mount is a fast and cost effective alternative to ladders and scaffolds. Its compact and low weight design allows it to be towed by smaller vehicles and set up in confined spaces. Available to hire, lease or buy from Hire Safe Solutions in the UK and ROI

Niftylift 120T

Working Height: 12.2m / 40ft 1in
Platform Height: 10.2m / 33ft 6in
Maximum Outreach: 6.1m / 20ft 1in
Min Weight: 1,400.00kg / 3,094lbs

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The Niftylift 120T trailer mount is specifically designed to give maximum reach performance from the most compact chassis possible. The narrow width of 1.50 metres makes this model ideal for building and factory maintenance. Available to hire, lease or buy from Hire Safe Solutions in the UK & ROI.

Niftylift 150

Working Height: 14.7m / 48ft 3in
Platform Height: 12.7m / 41ft 9in
Maximum Outreach: 7.55m / 24ft 10in
Min Weight: 1,725.00kg / 3,812lbs

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The Niftylift 150T trailer mount offers an up and over clearance of more than 5.6 metres. The trailer mounted boom offers 14.7 meter working height, 225kg SWL, and an up and over clearance 5.6 meter. Available to hire, lease or buy from Hire Safe Solutions in the UK & ROI

Niftylift 170

Working Height: 17.1m / 56ft 2in
Platform Height: 15.1m / 49ft 7in
Maximum Outreach: 8.7m / 28ft 7in
Min Weight: 1,900.00kg / 4,199lbs

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The Niftylift 170 trailer mounted boom has one of the largest working envelopes in its class. Delivering maximum reach with stability and control. Available to hire, lease or buy from Hire Safe Solutions in the UK & ROI.

Niftylift 210

Working Height: 21m / 68ft 11in
Platform Height: 19m / 62ft 5in
Maximum Outreach: 11.8m / 38ft 9in
Min Weight: 3,495.00kg / 7,724lbs

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The Niftylift 210 trailer mount has one of the largest unrestricted working envelopes in its class. The Niftylift 210 has special boom design makes it ideal for working near walls and buildings. Available to hire, lease or buy from Hire Safe Solutions in the UK & ROI.

Dino 260XTD

Working Height: 26m / 85ft 4in
Platform Height: 24m / 78ft 9in
Maximum Outreach: 11.17m / 36ft 8in
Min Weight: 3,495.00kg / 7,724lbs

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The Dino 260 XTD is a top of the range trailer mounted platform, with a working height of 26m and a net weight of under 3,500kgs. The Dino 260 XTD for the serious contractor. Ideal for contractors working in multiple locations. Available to hire, lease or buy from Hire Safe Solutions in the UK & ROI

Trailer Mounted Booms

At Hire Safe Solutions, we hire, lease and sell Trailer Mounted Booms with a working height from 9 to 26 metres, you can browse our full range above. If you do have any questions, our team of specialists are happy to offer advice and guidance for the most suitable option for your application.

Trailer Mounted Booms are road towable MEWPs which are mounted onto a regular trailer chassis and they can be towed behind a range of vehicles that are set up and designed to tow equipment. They can also be moved easily from site to site and set up quickly using manual or hydraulic outriggers. Some of our models are equipped with a self levelling system which minimises set up time, and thus increases productivity and time on site.

All our towable booms are designed to be light and compact and provide an exceptional working range for their size.

Ideal For:

  • Multi site contracts
  • Shopping centres
  • Building and factory maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Billboards
  • Street light maintenance
  • Painting
  • Tree trimming
  • Easily towed behind a pickup or SUV

Developments in design and technology make our Trailer Mounted Booms simple to use and are a fantastic option for those on the move. Our machines are sourced from trusted manufacturers such as Nifty Lift, Genie and Dino, so you know you are hiring kit you can trust.


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  • Despite our best efforts we had great difficulty sourcing the correct MEWPs for work at one of our facilities, following a site visit Hire Safe Solutions organised a WT1000 with a spectacular working height of 103.5 meters, the contract was carried out in a professional and site appropriate manner.
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