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Spider Lifts

If you require a spider lift platform for working at height, there are many options available dependant on your individual needs. For uneven ground, weight restricted and narrow access areas, Hire Safe Solutions have a range of diverse equipment perfectly suited for advanced applications.

A spider lift is used to maximise reach upward as well as outwards. The flexibility allows performance at a range of levels dependant on the maximum outreach of the machine. Hire Safe Solutions have a range of spider lifts for sale, hire or leasing. Our spider lift range can reach lengths from 25 metres to over 50 metres.

Take the Falcon FS 520 C model, for example, with an impressive working height of 52 metres, it’s versatile enough to perform in a range of demanding industrial applications. There are multiple power options available, including battery, diesel and electric, giving you the freedom to choose a MEWP that suits your exact requirements.

Certain tasks require flexible operating requirements, whether it be in an indoor or outdoor environment. Look no further than a spider lift. They provide a versatile working at height option for uneven terrains and narrow areas such as churches and atrium’s. When the lift is stowed, it is compact enough to maneuvere into tight spaces securely. What’s more, it’s important that in restricted areas, the platform is capable enough to adhere to high safety and quality guidelines.

Working at height on uneven terrain can be simplified with a spider lift’s ability to extend the outriggers. It allows the machine to distribute the weight evenly when placed on uneven terrain. One of our most popular models is the CTE Traccess 135. It is highly suited for jobs that are weight sensitive. Weighing in at 1600 kg it is appropriate for indoor weight restricted areas such as underground car parks.

Another common issue on job sites is accessing height in an indoor environment. Large machinery will not be able operate in small areas. There are several models available that provide accessibility and importantly are adapted to work inside a building. Electric models help eliminate noise whilst in operation, causing minimal disruption allowing a business to operate as normal.

With a broad range of tracked spider lifts available, you can be assured that Hire Safe Solutions has the right access platform to suit your requirements. We have a large fleet of leading brands in stock, including Falcon, CTE and Teupen. Diesel, electric and hybrid models are available as well as new and used equipment.

If you require equipment for a long term period, we have spider lifts and tracked booms for hire. Our contract hire provides a feasible financial solution for long-term hire if you don’t wish to pay out a large lump sum at once. Fixed costs that include maintenance, servicing and certification at a weekly price is one of the major benefits of contract hire. For extra peace of mind, you can be sure that we test all of our equipment before leasing or selling to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Need more information? check out our machine search functionality to find the correct MEWP for you. Alternatively, our team of experts are ready to offer personal support and guidance in securing your equipment.

If you want more advice on our products / training or simply want to get in touch to ask a question, give us a call on 0800 865 4455 or email us on info@hiresafesolutions.com. Hire Safe Solutions would be happy to hear from you.

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