Scissor Lift Rental

Scissor Lift Rental

Thinking about renting a scissor lift for your fleet of aerial platforms? Scissor lifts are extremely reliable and a great addition to any professional fleet as they allow you to quickly and easily perform jobs at height whilst offering more safety than other means of working at height such as step ladders, towers, or scaffolding.

They also don’t require long set up times, helping you to get the job done more efficiently. If you need to complete repetitive jobs where a straight vertical lift is required, then a scissor lift is the ideal solution. Not only can you reach heights in excess of 30m but they also offer a large amount of platform space and great lifting capacity to allow you to carry multiple workers.

What is a scissor lift?

As the name suggests, scissor lifts use a crisscrossing configuration of tubes powered by  hydraulic cylinders to raise the platform. When raised, the criss-cross effect resembles a pair of scissors and explains the name that we’ve come to refer to them by!

Electric vs Diesel

Scissor lifts are self-propelled machines that can be powered electrically, by diesel, or a hybrid of both. Which power option you choose will largely be dependent on the application.

Diesel powered MEWPs are more suited to external jobs on construction sites as they can offer more power for tackling challenging ground conditions and rough terrain. They are commonly used on industrial job sites including steel erection, building installation, and other construction projects.

Electric powered MEWPs are best used for indoor applications as they offer a low noise and zero emission solution for working at height. Many of the platforms we offer are fitted with non-marking tyres to protect interior flooring when carrying out work and feature a small, compact design so that they can fit through tight doorways and corridors.

Super scissors

For the most demanding jobs, Hire Safe Solutions’ specialist range of super scissors have the ability to tackle extreme working at height tasks whilst still offering a safe and stable environment. Our range of super platforms features lifts from some of the industry’s most established manufacturers such as JLG, Holland, and Dingli.

Ready to rent a scissor lift?

Does this type of access platform seem like the right kind for you? Scissors are a very reliable and trustworthy option for your fleet and are also ideal for one-off jobs such as electrical inspections and mechanical work.

We specialise in scissor lift rental from 6m and up to over 30m! All of our equipment is fully tested, serviced, and certified to ensure the highest standards are met and that your business is offered peace of mind that your machine is going to perform the job you need it to.

To discuss powered access equipment hire hire options with our expert decision makers, call 0800 865 4455 or click here to fill out our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.

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