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Cherry Picker Hire

Cherry pickers are trusted by many across the world. Cutting down trees, stocktaking, cleaning windows and repairing telegraph poles are all tasks aided by the use of a cherry picker. They are sturdy, versatile and reliable machines that impact on many areas of business!

What is a Cherry Picker?

Originally used in orchards for the picking of cherries and other fruits, the term ‘cherry picker’ has become widely used to describe any type of aerial access equipment. More specifically though, a cherry picker is an elevated work platform that uses a boom lift. For this reason, they are also sometimes called ‘boom lifts’. They are available in three different power options, electric, diesel or hybrid.

Cherry Picker uses in Industry

Cherry Pickers allow operators to work at heights that would usually be difficult to reach. This is essential for a wide variety of businesses as cherry pickers allow them to complete their day to day jobs.

Sectors that rely on cherry picker’s include:

Facilities Management – used for cleaning windows on large buildings, building inspection and surveying, installation of CCTV and facilities maintenance.

Construction – the most popular use of cherry pickers is construction; some common uses include installations, glazing, roofing, surveying, restoration and more.

Fire Services – used to reach high places to rescue people stuck in buildings or hard to reach places.

Film and TV – often used to film sporting events or on large movie sets to capture action from above.

Energy – used to allow access to high places in the energy sector such as wind turbines, petrochemical plants and chimneys.

Guidance for Hiring a Machine

There are some factors you should consider before you decide to hire a cherry picker:

Height and Outreach

The height that you want to reach will be a huge factor on what type of cherry picker you choose to hire. Cherry picker working height is measured from the ground to its maximum vertical reach. You should always pick a cherry picker that safely and easily reaches your desired height. Additionally, the amount of outreach you need will depend on the type of job you are carrying out and should also be considered before picking a platform.


The weight of the equipment you need the access platform to carry can also be a key factor. Remember to include the weight of any operators who will be using the equipment in your calculations.


The type of machine you choose will vary depending on the environment you wish to use it in. For example, diesel-powered platforms are more often favoured for outdoor use. Additionally, the ground surface where you are operating will need to be considered. Any slopes, potholes, uneven surfaces and rough terrains will pose challenges to your machine if it is not designed to handle them.

Hire with Hire Safe Solutions

We have a fantastic hire fleet available, one of the largest in the UK for boom lifts! Our booms range in specification from heights of 12 metres up to 58 metres and all of our equipment is tested to ensure it is completely safe to operate.

Hire arrangements can range from one day to five years throughout the UK and Ireland. If you’re interested in hiring a cherry picker, or any other mobile elevating work platform, give us a call on 0800 865 4455 and we will be happy to discuss.

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