Boom Lift Hire from the Experts

Boom Lift Hire from the Experts

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What is a boom lift?

When it comes to mobile elevating work platforms, the boom lift is one of, if not the most versatile of choices. Allowing for both horizontal and vertical reach, these platforms comprise a platform or bucket positioned at the end of a hydraulically extended arm. 

Boom lights can be telescopic (straight) or articulated. Articulated booms offer extra flexibility as the design allows them to bend around and over any obstacles that may be present. Thus, the worker is lifted to areas that would otherwise be extremely challenging to access. 

The boom is attached to a ground base that will be fitted with wheels to provide enhanced manoeuvrability and allow the operator to move the unit into the best position to reach the exact height and location required for the job. 

Commonly referred to as cherry pickers, this type of lift is popular as it has a higher reach than other lifts such as a scissor lift and can access those high and hard to reach areas with ease. 

Benefits and uses

Boom lifts can be found in almost every access platform fleet as they are ideal for construction, indoor and outdoor work. This makes them an extremely versatile choice and one that holds great value to your fleet. 

Some of the most common uses include building maintenance projects such as cleaning, electrical and piping repairs, signage installation, erecting scaffolding, and other such tasks. 

Core benefits of this technology include: 

The ability to reach challenging heights – booms lifts offer the highest working height level compared with other platforms and are ideal for ultra-high tasks and applications. 

Access hard to reach locations – articulated booms provide a multiple arm design that allows the operator to precisely move and control the MEWP to enable access to confined spaces.

Maximum flexibility – the boom joints can be extended and retracted, making the lift height very flexible and allowing you to work at a wide range of heights. 

Many fuel options – booms are available as either diesel, battery, or hybrid, meaning you can select the correct fuel type for your application, be it interior or exterior. 

Up and over around obstacles – the hydraulic arms allow operators to move the platform up and over any obstacles that may be present for increased access when working at height. 

Boom lifts and super booms 

Hire Safe Solutions have a wide range of stock readily available for those wishing to buy or hire a boom. With a range of options, fuel types, working heights, and special features, we offer a complete selection of platforms ranging from 12 to 58 metres. 

Or for the most demanding of applications, our Super boom fleet boasts some of the largest lifts on the market with working heights up to 65 metres.  

Hire services

We offer cost-effective, and flexible hire services, including long term contract hire to ensure you have access to the high quality, professional equipment you require, whenever you need it! Our hire platforms are fully serviced and certified to the highest standard and guarantee maximum operational safety. Please find out more about boom lift hire by contacting our expert staff on 0800 865 4455 or clicking here

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