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Vehicle Mounted Platforms

At Hire Safe Solutions Ltd we hire, lease and sell Vehicle Mounted Platforms with a working height from 20 to 103 metres. You can browse our full range of Vehicle Mounted MEWPs below.

Vehicle Mounted Platforms (VMPs) are essentially MEWPs that are mounted onto the rear of a wide range of vehicles; generally these are boom type MEWPs also known as static booms and come under the IPAF Category Static Boom (1b). Vehicle Mounted Platforms may also be known as Truck Mounted Platforms or Van Mounted Platforms. The size of the vehicle will depend on the size of the boom: for example the 20 metre unit is mounted on a 3.5 tonne chassis (3,500kgs) with two axles, this can be driven on public roads once the driver has a full car licence. At the other end of the scale the 100 metre unit has five axles weighs nearly 70,000kgs. The driver will need extensive training.

The larger Vehicle or Truck Mounted MEWPs come from a number of premier manufacturers of vehicle MEWPs including Bronto, Wumag and Ruthmann.

Vehicle Mounted Platforms with working heights of up to 33 metres are available on self-drive contracts, where, providing the customer has the correct driving licence they can come to one of our locations receive a familiarisation on the unit and drive away. Truck mounted platforms over 33 metres will be driven to site by one of our trained and experienced operators. A Hire Safe Solutions operator will then operate the unit as per the customers’ requirements.

Vehicle Mounted Platforms (VMPs) are used for a huge variety of tasks, historically VMPs with working heights below 20 metres have been associated with utilities work and the larger units were put to work on wind farms. More recently the VMPs are increasingly being used in general and specialised construction applications, as well as in the maintenance of petrochemical and pharmaceutical sites, these machines are rapidly replacing scaffolding as a safe and efficient option for working at extreme heights and dealing with complex outreach tasks.

Bronto Skylift S 46 XDT

The Bronto Skylift S 46 XDT is one of the most popular MEWPs in its class, its compact size, ease of setup and use makes it a favourite with customers and operators alike. The Bronto S 46 XDT boom lift has a working height 46 metres and outreach of over 25 metres The Bronto Skylift S 46 XDT, 46 metre platform is available to hire, lease or buy throughout the UK and Ireland from... Read More

Bronto Skylift S 50 XDTJ

The Bronto Skylift S 50 XDTJ 50 metre boom lift is brand new medium sized all-rounder, this 50 metre platform may only be on three axles but it is a real heavyweight performer. The unique three section super-jib offers unrivalled up and over reach unheard of in this height category. The Bronto Skylift S 50 XDTJ, 50 metre MEWP is available to hire, lease or buy throughout the... Read More

Bronto Skylift S 61 XDT

The Bronto Skylift S 61 XDT is a very sturdy lift, even when fully elevated. The Bronto S 61 XDT’s unique control system allow extremely precise controls. One of our highly trained, fully certificated operators will drive the unit to site and then precisely operate the machine to carry out the task in a safe and controlled manner. The Bronto Skylift S 61 XDT vehicle mounted... Read More

Bronto Skylift S 70 XDT

The Bronto Skylift S 70 XDT with its compact and versatile design has become common place in the marketplace. Geometry based outreach limitation system gives exactly identical outreach under all circumstances, regardless of external influences (e.g. temperature, wind, dynamic forces, friction, etc.). The S70 XDT Vehicle Mounted Platform has a 70 metres working height and a outreach of nearly 35 metres The Bronto S... Read More

Bronto Skylift S 90 HLA

The Bronto Skylift S 90 HLA is the newest member of the famous HLA range from Bronto Skylift. The HLA stands for High Level Articulated. This unit represents the ultimate in high rise access. This 90 meter MEWP is incredibly manoeuvrable for such a impressive machine. Designed to suit the most demanding jobs which require the 90 metre working height. The Bronto S 90 HLA, 90 metre platform... Read More

CTE 20 Metre

The CTE 20 metre is an articulated boom mounted on a 3,500kgs road going vehicle. The low weight (3,500kgs) means that this machine can be driven holding a regular car licence. The CTE 20m is usually mounted on a “cabstar” type vehicle and are really comfortable to drive and easy to operate. We can supply this unit on a self drive contract or alternatively we can supply with... Read More

CTE 26 Metre

The CTE 26 Metre articulated boom is mounted on a 7,500kgs road going vehicle. This versatile unit is great option for sign and utilities companies alike. The CTE 26 meter is available as self drive or operated. The CTE 26 metre boom lift is available to hire, lease or buy throughout the UK and Ireland from Hire Safe Solutions. Ideal for: Short-term jobs Changing locations Film/TV... Read More

Ruthmann T 540

The Ruthmann  T 540 is mounted on a three-axle 26 tonne chassis the 54m unit has a four section main boom and a 16m top boom plus a 180 degree articulating jib. The machine offers outstanding outreach of 40m. The Ruthmann T 540 is at equally at home on the building site, wind farm or in the city centre. The T530 is a real drivers machine, its precise and responsive control make... Read More

Ruthmann T330

The Ruthmann T330 is the pinnacle of perfection in the 7.5 truck mounted aerial platform sector. The 33 metre working height and impressive 21.2 metre lateral outreach gives the performance that would be expected of a much heavier machine. As a result of this is ideal for general building maintenance, street work and Film/TV work. The Ruthmann T330 MEWP is available to hire, lease or... Read More

Wumag WT 1000

The Wumag WT 1000 is one of the largest access platforms in the world. It was developed for assembly and maintenance work on wind turbines and now performs in a huge range of contracts across the construction, petrochemical, pharmaceutical sectors. The impressive 100 meter MEWP is mounted on a 5-axle all-terrain mobile crane chassis.  Its heavy-duty workman basket can carry nominal loads of up... Read More
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