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Asset Finance

Hire Safe Solutions offer finance and funding options to many industrial sectors throughout the UK & Ireland. This type of funding is used by hundreds of thousands of companies as it allows their business to grow at the pace they would like without jeopardising cash flow while providing additional tax benefits.

Hire Safe Solutions can be involved at any stage of the procurement process from tender or quotations stage. We will happily take trade-ins or indeed buy and lease back equipment, which will allow you to release cash tied up in an asset.

Talk to our Finance team if you are thinking of a capital purchase, we will be able to combine our expertise in Plant Procurement, Asset Finance and fleet maintenance to deliver a bespoke package designed suit the individual cash flow and operational needs of your business, talk to us about.

Hire Purchase

Putting you in control – you decide whether to buy the asset or not at the end of the agreement.

Giving you flexible payments – you can reduce monthly payments by paying a final lump sum – known as a balloon payment.

Offering interest choices – you can choose fixed or variable interest to suit your needs.

Reducing your tax payments – you can usually claim ‘writing-down’ allowances and capital grants. You may also offset repayment interest against your profits and reclaim VAT

Hire Purchase is a type of asset finance solution that brings you exceptional flexibility. At Hire Safe Solutions, we can provide a Hire Purchase solution that suits you, for example, with a flexible deposit, fixed payments and a final lump sum.

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Contract hire

Contract hire enables you to focus on core activities, by fixing your costs and avoiding the burden and risk of owning your own vehicles.

  • Fixed monthly payments – easier budgeting comes as standard.
  • Flexible agreement terms – variable terms and usage available.
  • Vehicle maintenance option – include servicing and maintenance in your rentals to help spread the cost.
  • Eliminate risk of asset depreciation – this finance removes vehicles from your balance sheet.
  • Ease of administration – contract hire and fleet management saves you from the need to source or dispose of vehicles.

For a set monthly payment, servicing & maintenance can be taken care of in your finance package. At the end of the agreement, you simply hand back the vehicle. Or you could negotiate a convenient extension to the contract.

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Sale and HP Back

You sometimes need to make an investment in your business which is not suitable for asset finance and which would not be suitable to be funded using an overdraft facility. If you have unencumbered, tangible equipment, you can enter into a sale and hire purchase back facility with Hire Safe Solutions. You simply sell the equipment to Hire Safe Solutions once we agree a value; transfer the agreed amount directly into your account.

Key Benefits

  • You may own the equipment at the end of the Agreement;
  • You still have tax title to the equipment for accounting purposes;
  • No initial payment or deposit;
  • Simple documentation;
  • No additional security required;
  • No legal fees;

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